Cosmology and Big Bang Theory

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update: 2 March 2020

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  1. Astrophysical cosmology
    In standard Big Bang theory, the `age' of the universe, measured from a given surface of constant density or constant temperature, is the same `everywhere', i.e. independant from the point on that surface from which that age is calculated.
    But that is not necessarily the case, and a model is developped in which the age of the universe is not the same everywhere.
    Applications of this idea have been made with M.N. Celerier for two problems: the large scale heterogeneity of the 3K cosmic black body radiation and the horizon problem.
    Further applications are in preparation.


    1. J. Schneider, M. N. Celerier, 1999
      Models of Universe with an inhomogeneous Big Bang singularity. II. CMBR dipole anisotropy as a byproduct of a conic Big Bang singularity.
      Astron. & Astrophy., 348, 25

    2. M. N. Celerier, J. Schneider, 1998
      A Solution to the Horizon Problem: A Delayed Big-Bang Singularity
      Phys.Lett., A249 37-45

  2. Other
    Workshop on "anomalous" redshifts, Paris 1973

  3. Epistemology of cosmology
    See the Time page.


    1. On the 'History' of the Universe and the beginning of time in press in the Proceeding of the Semaine Française de l'Astrophysique 2006.

    2. La nature n'a pas de passé ni d'origine. Topique no. 73 "A l'origine", 2000 (in French)

    3. L'univers n'a pas d'histoire, le Big Bang n'a jamais eu lieu. (in French)
      in proceedings of L'Origine Primordiale. Paris, July 1998. To be published

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